Botanical Name: Rosmarinus officinalis

Common name: Rosemary
Family: Lamiaceae (Hoffmann, 2003, p. 577)
Parts used: Leaf, twig (Hoffmann, 2003, p. 577)


Volatile oil (Borneol, camphene, camphor, cineole, limonene, linalool)
Flavonoids (apigenin, diosmentin, diosmin, luteolin)
Rosmarinic and other phenolic acid
Diterpenes (including carnosol, carnosolic acid and rosmariquinone)
Triterpenes (including ursolic acid and oleanolic acid) (Hoffmann, 2003, p. 577)


Carminative (Hoffmann, 2003, p. 577; Bone, 2003, p. 389)
Antispasmodic (Hoffmann, 2003, p. 577; Bone, 2003, p. 389; Braun & Cohen, 2005, p. 316)
Antidepressant (Hoffmann, 2003, p. 577)
Rubefacient (Hoffmann, 2003, p. 577)
Antimicrobial (Hoffmann, 2003, p. 577; Bone, 2003, p. 389)
Emmenagogue (Hoffmann, 2003, p. 577)
Hepatoprotective (Bone, 2003, p. 389; Braun & Cohen, 2005, p. 317)
Circulatory Stimulant (Bone, 2003, p. 389)
Antioxidant (Bone, 2003, p. 389; Braun & Cohen, 2005, p. 316)
Anti-inflammatory (Braun & Cohen, 2005, p. 316)


Increased mental concentration (Braun & Cohen, 2005, p. 317)
Stomach upset accompanied by psychological tension (Hoffmann, 2003, p. 577)
Enhancing detoxification phase I and II of the liver (Bone, 2003, p. 389)
Flatulent dyspepsia (Hoffmann, 2003, p. 577)
Headache or depression associated with debility (Hoffmann, 2003, p. 577; Bone, 2003, p. 389)
Muscular pain (topical) (Hoffmann, 2003, p. 577)
Sciatica (topical) (Hoffmann, 2003, p. 577; Bone, 2003, p. 389)
Neuralgia (topical) (Hoffmann, 2003, p. 577; Bone, 2003, p. 389)
Premature baldness (Hoffmann, 2003, p. 577)
Alopecia (Braun & Cohen, 2005, p. 317)
Gastric headache (Hoffmann, 2003, p. 578)
Atherosclerosis prevention (Bone, 2003, p. 389)
Impaired hepatic and biliary function (Bone, 2003, p. 389)

Preparation & Dosage: Liquid extract (1:2): 2.0-4.5mL/day or 15-30mL/week (Bone, 2003, p. 390)

Cautions: Rosemary should not be taken with meals or iron supplements in individuals with iron deficiency due to the potential interference of iron absorption (Bone, 2003, p. 389)


For alopecia: combine with thyme, lavender and cedarwood (Braun & Cohen, 2005, p. 317). For depression: combine with Skullcap, Kola and Oats (Hoffmann, 1990, p. 229)


Rosemary Correspondences

Planet: Sun

Element: Fire

Ritual Uses for Rosemary: blessings, water rites/sea rituals, weddings, new moon, remembrance rituals for the dead, transformation, invocation, attract elves and faeries, and meditation

Magickal Keys: good for the “three P’s” of Purification, Protection and Passion

Use rosemary for cleansing, consecration, peace of mind, release and all kinds of psychic, spiritual and even physical purification.


It is believed to provide good luck, prevents theft, protection, help psychic development, psychic protection, purification, release, prevent nightmares


Said to bring happiness, love, memory, passion, bless weddings with fidelity, honesty, longevity, wisdom

As an herb, Rosemary is good for indigestion, which is an added benefit when it is used to season food. However, the pure oil can can be harmful to the digestive tract and should not be consumed.

Rosemary Essential Oil

Blends with: Basil, Bergamot, Cedarwood, Lavender, Lemon, Eucalyptus, Frankincense, Tea Tree

Scent: Woody, Herbaceous, Powerful

Key Influences: Longevity, Conscious Mind, Love

Rosemary has a well-deserved reputation is that of an all-purpose herb that will help with practically anything. Rosemary Essential Oil is a key ingredient in most hoodoo recipes for the famous Four Thieves Vinegar.

Magickal Uses of Rosemary Looking for love? add a few drops of Rosemary Essential Oil to your shampoo or final rinse.

Chase away nightmares by putting some of the herb herb beneath your pillow.

Rosemary under the pillow also helps you to remember your dreams and thus can be useful when doing dream or journey work.

Rosemary is also sometimes added to a salt circle to protect and sanctify a space.

Taking an exam? Put a sprig or pinch of the herb in your pocket.

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