Pumpkin Digestive Drink

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Pumpkin Digestive Drink

1 quart mason jar (with a top or a fancy top pictured above)
100ml Apple Cider Vinegar WITH the mother
A few shakes of ground Ginger
A half dropper full of Stevia
1 Bag of Pumpkin Tea

Heat your water up for your tea however you please, I have an electric kettle and a stovetop one.
Steep your tea for about 5-10 minutes in a medium mug. There is tea etiquette with how long roobios tea should be steeped...
Take your mason jar, fill it up to the 100ml line on the mason jar. You can use more or less.. I am fond of the vinegary goodness so sometimes I overshoot my mark. Shake the ginger into the jar a few times to taste (I also like ginger a great deal). add the Stevia to the jar, Again use your discretion of how much you want to use. Add some Ice cubes, pour the steeped tea into the jar and top off with water. Put the cap on and Shake it up. This is a sipin' drink.. so sip it all day long if you want to.
and remember to shake before each swig.




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